To Dance or not to Dance . . .

Occasionally a parent will call in looking for information about dance lessons and at the end of the conversation will ask me, ‘why should I sign my child up for dance?’. It is an overwhelming question, as the answers that I would give would likely bombard someone looking for a fun activity for their child. …read more

‘Winning’ and ‘Losing’

As we enter the competition season I can’t help but think about the culture of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ and how sometimes, sometimes, we as a society do anything and everything in our power to save our children from ‘losing.’ We let them win races, board games, and control of the remote. We come up with …read more

Being Brave

I was in my usual yoga class last week, and something unusual happened. No, not what you think, but the teacher asked us, a group of 20-50-something year olds to ‘just press up into your headstand. While I’m probably more active than many people, I still couldn’t help but laugh to myself. “Oh yeah. I’m …read more