The ‘WHY’ in What We Do

I have a confession. I have been staring at a few of my favourite ‘hearts’ from last year, for over a year now. They are on my desk and most everyday I come to do some work I see them. They make me happy as they remind me of the ‘why’ I run this amazing …read more

Now and Then . . .

I used to think it mattered what the pre-dance class did on stage. Now don’t get me wrong – after 8 months of dance lessons, I expect a class of 3-5 year olds to be able to move, ideally to face the front, and with any luck, to smile on stage during our annual recital. …read more

The Culture of Winning (let your hair down) . . .

It happened about 10 years ago. As usual, I had a fantastic group of senior dancers who were especially kind and thoughtful to the younger kids dancing at the time. They took time to compliment their performances, helped them with quick costume changes, and posed for pictures with them without giving it a second thought. …read more

With Age Comes Wisdom

In the past few years, with the studio (and myself) growing older, I have had the pleasure of seeing more and more alumni go on to pursue professional dance careers, higher education, get married, and have children.  Finally I can agree with what ‘old’ people have always told me: they grow up so fast! I …read more

To Dance or not to Dance . . .

Occasionally a parent will call in looking for information about dance lessons and at the end of the conversation will ask me, ‘why should I sign my child up for dance?’. It is an overwhelming question, as the answers that I would give would likely bombard someone looking for a fun activity for their child. …read more

‘Winning’ and ‘Losing’

As we enter the competition season I can’t help but think about the culture of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ and how sometimes, sometimes, we as a society do anything and everything in our power to save our children from ‘losing.’ We let them win races, board games, and control of the remote. We come up with …read more

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