I would like to sincerely commend you for such an outstanding recital this past weekend. Everything was spectacular costumes, lighting, organization and most importantly the quality of dance! I am still truly amazed at how well the dress rehearsal and recitals were organized. Parents were so appreciative of this.

- Sarah Mason, Parent, Recreational Dancer

Premiere Studio of Dance have developed my daughter Jesse’s passion for dance since she was 5 years old. Jesse is now 15 and has been studying many styles of dance at Premiere since their doors opened in an old downtown theatre 10 years ago! Not only does Jesse do what she loves best, but the stage performances, competitions and dance exams have developed her self confidence and taught her the benefits of hard work and teamwork. Premiere’s adult dance program has given me the opportunity to not only watch Jesse but also to participate in my favourite passtime – DANCE! Thanks Premiere for allowing Jesse and I to be part of your fabulous first 10 years!

- Judy Craik and Jesse Anglesey, Competitive Dancers

Premiere has given me some amazing experiences, working with the great teachers, making some amazing new friends, and fabulous dance training. I look forward to the years to come and this year’s competition season.

- Jennifer Carter, Competitive Student

I started dancing at Premiere 10 long years ago, when I was 6 years old. I remember being the shyest kid there, but after I finished the first class, I couldn’t wait to go back. Now that I have been there all this time I can’t imagine doing anything else. Premiere has been a HUGE part of my life and it has given me so much more confidence, skill and new friendships. Premiere is like a giant family, and since that very first day, has been one of my favourite places to be.

- Lauren Lumley, Competitive Dancer

Madeleine has gained in confidence through working with you . . . I am thankful that both her self-esteem and skills were improved by her experience. Your teaching was very important to her . . . I’m sure anyone who has watched your career from the beginning is very proud of you, and we have all been impressed with your hard work and cheerful resilience

- Catheryn Chittick, Parent, Recreational Dancer

Premiere Studio of Dance promotes friendship and a family like atmosphere. Charlotte in the office is always there to help with any questions you have! At Premiere Studio of Dance you have a strong group of teachers inspiring amazing dancers!

- Heather Davidson

We transferred from another studio almost a year ago and it has by far been the best decision I could have made for my child. The level of skill, technique and professionalism offered by these brilliant instructors can not be beat. These ladies that my daughter have had the pleasure to work with push them to try their best, correct their flaws and motivate them to try harder every time. I have honestly never seen my daughter dance with so much excitement and enthusiasm and it's all because their love for dance at Premiere is completely infectious!

- Dee Dee