Private Lessons

Dancer’s may be selected by the studio director to compete with a solo, duet and/or trio as part of the competitive team.  Students must have at least one year of competitive dance experience, and show promise in their chosen discipline.  Priority goes to senior dancers taking 6 or more hours per week.  Certain weekly classes are required in order to do a private lesson.  For instance a dancer selected to do a jazz solo MUST take a jazz competition class in addition to their other required classes.

At Premiere we pride ourselves on our fantastic competitive results that our solo, duet and trio students achieve.  All private lessons are taught by our Competitive Team Instructors.  Additionally we bring in some of the best choreographers in North America to set pieces for our most elite performers!

2020-21 Season UPDATES – From the Director, Robyn Carter

Private Lesson 2020-21

As we move towards the fall and scheduling private lessons I am pleased to offer everyone that had a solo last year their same spot again this year. Once we have confirmed who is coming back and who is not, there may be some additional spots available for those wishing to add another private lesson. I am excited to announce that all solo’s duets and trios have the option of competing the weekend of October 29th in Niagara Falls with Inspire Dance Competition (dancers can use their credit from the 2020 season to enter).  As of now the event will be ‘blocking in’ studios in for their performances (there will be no head to head competition). Instead, Premiere will be there for 4 hours (for example), and all our dancers can compete within that time. This allows us to be extra cautious avoiding close contact with other cities/studios.  If you are interested in this event we ask that you let us know by September 15th and which routines you would like to bring. This is a terrific short-term goal to work towards!


Do I have to use my choreography from last year?

It is our hope that most dancers will use their choreography and costume from last year. Additional time in class can be used to continue to build endurance and strength (after this long break), and work on technique. Often there are opportunities within a routine to make it more challenging where required! If you’d like to have a new routine choreographed we can also do that.

What do I do with my unused private lesson hours from last season?

Please book your time with your instructor to complete your hour from last year, even if you do not wish to compete with your private lesson this year. It is a great opportunity to work on technique. Otherwise, any leftover hours can be put towards time on this year’s private lesson schedule. Due to high demand and limited space all private lesson fees are non-refundable.

There is no musical theatre on the schedule this year – can I still compete with my MT solo?

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we have decided not to offer group Musical theatre or song and dance this year, however solo’s and duets/trios may rehearse and compete. In order to practice safely we ask that dancers wear a plastic visor while in their musical theatre private lesson. It will not be required on stage.

Are the lesson fees the same? How many hours will we be purchasing this year?

The hourly fee for all private lessons will remain the same. On our Private Lesson Schedule all lesson will receive 6.5 hours of private lesson training bringing the annual total ($90 hour solo – $585 total, $59 duet/trio per hour – $383.50 total).

What if my costume doesn’t fit?

We are able to make alterations, or even purchase new costumes if you would like. It will be up to the solo, duet, trio and teacher to discuss and find the best solution.

What if there is another mandated shut down?

If we are unable to do in person classes, private lessons will switch over to Zoom immediately at 25% off the usual private lesson fee.

Is contact allowed for duets and trio’s?

At this time it is unclear as to whether duets and trios can touch (come outside of their 6 foot dance square) while practicing, however they are allowed to during performance. Until this ambiguity has been clarified we will be practicing physical distancing in all duets and trios. It is our hope that dancers may touch in rehearsal while masked, but we are waiting on confirmation from the health unit of that.

May I compete a NEW piece at our first event Inspire?

As we do not have enough time to properly prepare and rehearse a new piece, only routines from the 2020 comp season will be permitted to perform at Inspire.

For more information about our Competitive Team, or to set up an audition please contact the studio at or 705-741-6545.