Required Classes

Interested in joining our Competitive Team? The registration deadline for our 2023 Competitive Team is October 15th, 2022. Once approved for the Competitive Team (either through a private class placement audition or group class tryout), dancers are required to take specific classes in order to be fully prepared for the demands of competition. Level one competitive (part-time) dancers train 6 hours of classes per week or less, level two (competitive) dancers train 6+ hours per week. Please see below the required classes for each style of dance.

All members of our competitive team take a minimum of three required classes. Each competitive age group/level have their own specific classes, however they all consist of 1. Recreational Ballet Technique Class 2. Recreational Stretch & Conditioning Class 3. Competitive Jazz Class. Competitive dancers will then have the option to audition for several additional competitive & recreational technique classes in various styles of dance.

Contact us today to find out more about your child’s competitive class options, based on their age and experience level!