Dance Styles

Tiny Tots

Music and movement for active kids, walking to 2 years old.
Premiere Studio of Dance is pleased to offer a variety of movement programs for preschoolers. In this caregiver-participation program parents and tots experience the fun of music and movement together!  This programs is designed with a focus on the child and the caregiver bond and is all about FUN!  A variety of music is used and lots of movement around the room is encouraged.  The themes in our classes are based on the latest knowledge of physical education, musicality and dance movement for preschoolers.  Starting a dance program early gets your youngster used to being in a class environment, being physical, coordinated,  and is not only excellent for socialization.  Most importantly it is excellent bonding time – one on one, uninterrupted with your littlest mover!


An introduction to dancing done within the context of ballet.
Pre-Dance is an introduction to dancing done within the context of ballet. The child is introduced to basic ballet steps and positions, as well as exploring creative movement and rhythm. The children meet once a week for a 45 minute class which consists of barre work, limbering exercises, follow the leader, coordination games, etc. The one year program ends with the students learning and performing a ballet routine in our annual recital. This is one of our most popular classes and is a fantastic introduction to dance for little ones!

Munchkin Movement

Creative Exploration of Music and Dance.
This creative class encourages dancers to explore the basics of classical dance styles (ballet, jazz, creative movement) and is less ‘structured’ than our popular Pre-Dance class which is primarily focused on the building blocks of ballet.  Dancers will have the opportunity to explore space and music with basic games like follow the leader, and learn co-ordination exercises as well as having the freedom to simply move to the music!  Various props will be incorporated into the class such as noise makers, scarfs and even dress up elements.  Dancers will also explore different styles of music from classical to contemporary pop.


A classic and technical form of dance, the basis of all other styles.
Classical ballet is the basis of all other styles of dance. Ballet class improves grace, coordination, confidence, and strengthens a dancers overall technique and turn out. Our classes integrate elements of barre exercises, port-de bras, allegro, centre work, and dance combinations. At Premiere Studio of Dance the B.A.T.D. (British Associate of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus is taught with all students having the opportunity to complete year-end ‘dance exams’. This class is mandatory for most competitive students, and is highly suggested for beginners and recreational dancers alike.


Upbeat and fun students are exposed to both classical and modern jazz elements.
Jazz is our most popular style of dance at Premiere, as it incorporates both classical styles as well as modern hip-hop influences. This is a high energy class the gets your entire body moving and feeling the beat! Classes are 45 minutes and consist of a centre stretch warm up, technique across the room, and a centre combination. Students also have the opportunity to participate in year-end dance examinations through the B.A.T.D. This class improves a dancers muscle toning, flexibility and rhythm. You have got to try it!


Percussive and energizing, learn to make music with your feet.
From a beginner level to advanced, tap is a fun and energetic class to try. Students love the feeling of dancing while creating exciting rhythms with their feet. Various styles are explored including classical broadway, swing, funk, and contemporary hip hop. Barre work, across-the-floor progressions, and centre work will be included in each 45 minute class. B.A.T.D. dance exams are an option for all tap students at the end of the year.


Born from urban dance music, this class is exciting and fun.
This exciting and relatively new dance style is based on the rhythms and styles of urban hip-hop and funk music. The high-energy style can be seen in many of the popular music videos of today. Hip Hop is offered at the beginner level through to advanced and appeals to many dancers, children through to adults! Across-the-floor combinations, breaking, and centre dance combination provide the student with an excellent hip-hop repertoire!

Musical Theatre / Broadway

Lip-syncing, acting and theatrical dance combined.
Musical theatre is theatrical style of dance that combines classic and contemporary Broadway style songs, with lip synching, acting, and dance. This fun and entertaining style of dance encourages aacting nuances and is usually based in the jazz style of dancing.  The story and feel of a musical is communicated through the  movement and dance.

Song and Dance

The ultimate challenge – singing and dancing at the same time.
This class is for the more experienced dancer and takes the elements of a true triple threat performer, (singing, acting, and dancing), and combines them into a sensational mix! Jazz technique is a must and classes will make use of 2 specialized instructors throughout the year, each focusing on their area of expertise. For any dancer thinking about becoming a professional, this class is a must!


Technical and expressive, a mix of contemporary jazz and ballet styles.
Lyrical is a beautiful and expressive mix of ballet, modern and jazz dance. It is a combination of intricate, highly technical, and pedestrian like moves. The students focus on technique, strength and flexibility while portraying a mood, emotion or story evoked by the music. This exciting class is for all dancers and it is highly recommended that a ballet class be taken in combination with lyrical. Class will consist of barre and centre work, turns, jumps, and combinations unique to lyrical.

Modern / Contemporary

Creativity is key, dancers pull from all styles of dance to create a truly unique and dramatic style.
Based on the body’s natural movements, modern and contemporary dance is expressive, subtle and dynamic. It allows students to express emotion through movement. With classical influences such as Graham and Horton, and contemporary influences such as Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore, the students develop correct dance technique while encouraging individual expression. This challenging class develops strong and versatile dancers.


An energetic mix of modern dance with gymnastic elements such as tumbling and flexibility.
Acro combines elements of gymnastics with dancing. Students learn acrobatic skills while developing strength, muscle control and flexibility. This class is great for the experienced gymnast or the beginner looking to experience something new and exciting. Our qualified instructor will give you all the coaching and encouragement necessary to excel in this challenging and fun form of dance.

Stretch & Conditioning

A Focused and intense class to increase flexibility safely.
Tone, stretch, condition and test the limits of your body in this powerful fitness inspired class.


Improve your technique with a focus on jazz basics.
Enjoy learning new technical moves and breaking down the basics to increase strength and confidence in all styles of dance.  Class includes centre work and steps across the room.