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FAQ – Competitive

What is competitive dancing?

Competition offers a higher level of dance training for your child. During the first month of classes students work on basic technique and steps that will be included in their routine. This month is treated like an audition and allows the instructor to get a feel for the group’s level. After that month any adjustments to the group will be made, and any students that do not make the cut will continue in recreational level dancing.

Students will spend the next couple of months learning challenging choreography and then perfecting the performance and presentation of the dance. Our competitive team attends 4 competitions each year throughout Ontario.  At these competitions students will have their routines judged against other routines from other dance schools across Ontario, Quebec and even the United States.

What is the cost of competition?

There are additional costs associated with competitive dancing. First of all, students must take a minimum of three classes per week. These classes depend on the style of dance chosen. (See Below) Secondly, student’s costumes are more elaborate than recreational level costumes. They must be more durable and have original designs as part of a group’s mark is based on their appearance. As a result the cost of a competitive costume is around $175-$300 per group. Finally, there are competition entry fees which range from $40.00 to $55.00 per group, per competition. These non refundable fees will be collected late October.  Additional fees to consider are those cost of travel, hotel, studio warm up wear etc.  For more information contact our expert office staff at or give us a call at 705-741-6545.

Are 3 classes a week required for all competitive students?

In order for you to get the most out of your dance training and improve at a rate that will allow you to be competitive, it is essential that students take a minimum of three classes a week. Over the years we have found that this is the perfect amount of time to train when beginning competitive dance. This allows you body to be prepared for the competitions, (such as improve flexibility and technique). Should you want to try more than one competitive class, it is suggested that you also increase your technique classes. Speak to one of our office staff for more information and guidance as to which classes would be best suited for you.

I really want to compete in jazz, why do I have to take other classes?

As all other styles of dance depend on the basic technique of ballet, it is essential that all competitive students take ballet class. The only exception to this rule is for competitive hip hop – but even then it is strongly suggested that ballet be one of your three weekly classes. With jazz for full time competitive level dancers a stretch and technique is also required to work on your flexibility, which is another important component of competitive dance. As per above we have found that one class a week does not provide enough training for a student to be competitive, and that by training in other styles (such as ballet), it creates a strong, technical and well rounded dancer.

I would like to compete with a solo, how do I get this opportunity?

Competitive Solo’s duets trio’s etc. are at the discretion of the Studio Director and Instructors. Students must have at least one year of competitive dance experience, and show promise in their chosen discipline. Overall technique, work ethic, flexibility, and personality on stage are also taken into consideration. Priority goes to senior students (aged 13 and up ), and those students taking 7 hours or more per week. For more information please email

Once again, competition is a very exciting and rewarding way to enjoy dancing. Students cherish the extra opportunities to perform, become part of a team, and love the added technical challenge that these advanced level classes provide.

What is the difference between part time competitive and full time competitive?

The different competitive levels are based on dancer ability and time put in at the studio.  Part time dancers are expected to take between 4 and 6 hours of instruction per week.  Full time competitive are expected to take a minimum of 6 or more hours per week.  This allows for all dancers to enjoy the competition environment and be part of our team, but allows them to select the amount of time they wish to dedicate to dancing.  Both levels are treated the same within our studio and at competitions with many overall award opportunities.  Part time Competitive is a great way to start your competitive dance experience!