The ‘WHY’ in What We Do

I have a confession. I have been staring at a few of my favourite ‘hearts’ from last year, for over a year now. They are on my desk and most everyday I come to do some work I see them. They make me happy as they remind me of the ‘why’ I run this amazing studio. And so after a year I think I can finally put into words WHY I love these hearts and the joy they bring everyone who reads them.

Being a teacher of any kind can be incredibly frustrating. Children are wonderful but also really hard sometimes. And when you are attempting to not only teach dancers proper technique, but also to create seamless unison, flow and a picture perfect performance, it can be frustrating! Asking a group of 3 year olds to begin the same move at the same time is like asking someone to write the number 6 while moving your foot clockwise, (try it!). It is pretty close to impossible, but deep down I know (I think?), that it’s possible!

February is tough around the studio for competitive kids and their families. We are gearing up for our first big performance! Choreography is being completed and cleaned and sometimes nerves can set it. Am I good enough? Do I belong in this group? Often these same insecurities are felt by the instructors. Excitement builds as new beautiful costumes come in, new shoes are bought and maybe even some new make-up or earrings to complete the look. It is an exciting time! Which can also be stressful for all. The hearts that go up in our studio in February are a visual reminder for me (and I hope all of you), that big picture, we are doing something right!

Our children love to dance! They gain confidence, friendships, mental and physical toughness, and most importantly they have FUN! So for all the students, competitive or recreational, that remind me on the daily to see the big picture: ‘dance is fun and it makes me feel good,’ or ‘whenever I’m sad dancing makes me feel better.’ I thank you! And please know that YOU are the reason all the teachers at Premiere do what we do. We love sharing our love of dance with you, and hope it is a love that will last your entire lifetime!

The ‘WHY’ in What We Do

Posted on: February 21, 2017