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BLOG (Written by Robyn Carter)

To Dance or not to Dance . . .

Posted on: August 25, 2015

Occasionally a parent will call in looking for information about dance lessons and at the end of the conversation will ask me, ‘why should I sign my child up for dance?’. It is an overwhelming question, as the answers that I would give would likely bombard someone looking for a fun activity for their child. But in the interest of keeping it short and sweet, I’ll try and answer that question now.

–    It’s fun! There are other kids, music, movement and opportunities to be creative!

–    Exercise. Parents should encourage their kids to stay active in order to build healthy habits going into adult hood. I know from my experience that many teens who dance go on to remain active in dance, yoga, aerobics, running and more through their 20s.

–    Confidence! It takes confidence to try something new, improve at it, and then perform in front of an audience. More than one shy child has come through our doors and surprised even themselves with a performance at Showplace at the end of the year!

–    Poise / Posture. This may be a bit old school but being taught how to stand up ‘tall’ and proud in a class like ballet or jazz, can not only make you appear (and feel) more confident, but it has immeasurable benefits for your body – especially in an age when children spend a lot of time hunched over staring at an iPad or computer.

–    It’s social. Often kids do not socialize much with children who do not go to their school. Dance encourages kids to meet new friends who share common interests! Additionally classes tend to have many of the same kids who progress through the different levels together. This provides dancers the opportunity to grow and learn together over time.

–    It’s fun! Seriously. Exercise releases endorphin’s that make you feel GOOD! The feeling can last up to 24 hours after the exercise. Who wouldn’t want their child to get addicted to that.

So that would be my summary . . . it may be longer than intended but I think you get the important points! For more insight about WHY dance lessons at Premiere Studio of Dance are important to some of our current students, check out our Facebook page link below:

Also check out what our alumni are up to now.  Many students have gone on to make dance part of their post-secondary education and career. I’m not entirely sure what made my Mom decide to register my sister and I for dance when we were young, but needless to say I am incredibly glad she did!